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 “You can’t do a good deal with a bad guy. The dishonesty tax is too high and is not something you will factor into your side of the equation.”

Chet Billingsley, MNTR Chairman and CEO, 1995

We’ve compiled a comprehensive archive of our
company’s history, starting in 1985.

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The Start in 1985 with $1,000 (7/1/1985)  [PDF]

Billingsley Success Profile — San Jose Business Journal (8/14/1995)  [PDF]

Chet Billingsley & Main Street Athletic Club Featured – Barter News (4/1/1997)  [PDF]

Discussing Business Success – Women’s Voice Magazine (2/30/1996)  [PDF]

Only 2nd Athletic Club Chain to Go Public – Club Industry Magazine (1/1/1997)  [PDF]

Gym IPO Plans – San Jose Business Journal (7/1/1995)  [PDF]

“WB Native Taking Business World by Storm” White Bear Press (8/6/1997)  [Image]

“Athletic Club Skips Underwriters in IPO” – San Jose Business Journal (11/17/1996)  [PDF]

Financing the Business Dream by Chet Billingsley – Women’s Voice Magazine (6/30/1996)  [PDF]

Women Getting Credit for Good Work by Chet Billingsley – Women’s Voice Magazine (4/30/1996)  [PDF]

“Be Careful When Kissing Snakes” –  Women’s Voice Magazine    (12/30/1997)  [Image]

Interviewing & Hiring Right by Chet Billingsley  – Women’s Voice Magazine   (2/30/1997)  [Image]

Overcoming Workplace Sexual Harassment by Chet Billingsley  –  Women’s Voice Magazine  (8/30/1996)  [Image]

“Welfare As We Know It: Does It Work?” – Women’s Voice Magazine  (10/30/1996)  [Image]

Raising Funds Privately – Pre-IPO – Brochure (7/4/1994)  [PDF]

First Big Cash Purchase – $500,000 – Las Fortunitas Tortilla Chip Factory (11/1/1991)  [PDF]

Letter Comments to SEC on CEO Salary Reporting, Limiting Shorting Small Issuer Stocks, and Suggestions OTCBB Limitations (5/3/2005)  [PDF]

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