To give value to our work, we’d like to “Make the World a Better Place.”

The great Peter Drucker, in his treatise, “Management” defined how we could do just that. He described that the men and women of business are the “Stewards of the Assets of Society.” If we do a good job applying capital, labor and assets in an effective and efficient way, society will grow and flourish. If we squander those assets, our economy and life will flounder.

In seeking the best application for the assets under our control we have become aware of the emerging multi-year trend to legalize medical marijuana.

Because of prior medical and cancer work, we immediately identified the cancer-fighting benefits to medical cannabis. It stimulates the appetite and reduces nausea. This allows patients to retain strength and continue their other cancer treatment. Even more striking is the calming effect on seizures and Parkinson’s.   When one adds in chronic pain relief and reduction of glaucoma pressures, it is clear that significant good can flow from proper medical cannabis management and funding.

Regardless, because of the stigma and an illegal history, the benefits of medical marijuana will only be realized if the new legal cannabis introduction is done as an honest, square corner, straight-up business.

The intersection of delivering considerable medical cannabis benefit with the need to be above board is naturally consistent with our life and business and defines our immediate philosophy here. We will invest to deliver the legal marijuana benefit and conduct every aspect of our business with both the appearance and actual approach representing the highest ethical standard. (As a first step, 100% of the CEOs MNTR stock is voluntarily placed in a lockbox escrow.)

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