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CUSIP, Share Transfer & Reverse Split Information

Trading Symbol: MNTR (Mentor Capital, Inc.)

There are no restricted or 144 shares* or warrants outstanding. All shares and warrants are freely tradable and the shares that spring from the warrants are likewise immediately freely trading. All securities were issued under the authority of 11 USC 1145 through a January 11, 2000 Chapter 11 reorganization. A SEC “No Comment” letter was issued prior to the Entry of an Order. FINRA reviewed related documentation in detail upon the reinitiation of trading September 2009.

Shares & Warrants Outstanding (June 30, 2014):

Common Shares 14,507,831 CUSIP# 587 183-104
Public Float 5,486,770
Shareholders of Record 4,256
Series B ($0.11) Warrants 4,500 CUSIP# 587 183-120
Series D ($1.60) Warrants 14,507,598 CUSIP# 587 183-146
Series H ($7.00) Warrants 689,159  ( None  )

Warrant expiration May 11, 2038 (Subject to prior redemption by the Company)

All warrants are callable at any time they are more than the lesser of 100% or $1.00 per share in-the-money when compared to the most recent previous daily closing Bid price. Upon call, the warrants must be exercised within 30 to 180 calendar days depending upon the length of the call period selected and announced by management. If not exercised timely, the warrants may be redeemed by the Company or assigned by the Company to any designee for exercise. Several hundred shareholders have asked to be designees if warrants are to be made available under the Plan. The Company, or designee through the Company, is required to pay the original holder 10 cents per warrant, at some to be determined time in the future after all warrants are exercised. Subject to these prior call provisions, the warrants otherwise expire May 11, 2038.

In the case of a reverse split of the shares the warrants specifically do not reverse with the shares per the original 1145 order as reviewed by the SEC.

All shares, warrants and shares that spring from the warrants are freely tradable under the exemption afforded by 11 USC 1145.

*(Note:  39,000 restricted shares were issued to our investment bank in 2009 as part of a merger activity they were assisting with. In 2014 the investment bank exercised warrants granted in 2009 generating around 354,410 shares for them.)

Transfer Agent:

Action Stock Transfer

2469 East Fort Union Blvd
Suite 214
Salt Lake City, UT 84121

Warrant Agent:

MC Transfer

(DTC TA# 23368)
(FINS# 337 329)
6923 Sumac Court
Centerville, MN 55038

Company TA Contact: Dave
TA Phone: (612) 968 – 3299

TA Fee: $20 per certificate produced (payable to MC Transfer)

Name Change and Reverse Split:

April 2008 the Company effected a name change, and 1000 to 1 reverse split on the stock only, not affecting the warrants (per the associated reorganization court order).

Former Name: Main Street AC, Inc.

Former Symbol: MFIT

Former Common CUSIP: 559 903-109 (Exchanges 1000 to 1 with new Common)

Former “A” Warrant CUSIP: 559 903-117 (Exchanges 1 to 1 with new “A” Warrant)

Former “B” Warrant CUSIP: 559 903-125 (Exchanges 1 to 1 with new “B” Warrant)

Former “C” Warrant CUSIP: 559 903-133 (Exchanges 1 to 1 with new “C” Warrant)

Former “D” Warrant CUSIP: 559 903-141 (Exchanges 1 to 1 with new “D” Warrant)

Fractional shares rounded up at the beneficial holder level. Exchange not mandatory.

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