Funding for Cannabis Founders


“Big opportunities come infrequently. When it is raining gold, reach for a bucket not a thimble.” – Warren Buffet.  Mentor Capital is a $23 Million bucket set up to collect funds from the public market to be passed on to participating cannabis founders. More specifically, cannabis companies seeking funding exchange 10% to 60% of their company into the Mentor portfolio to get the right to receive their specific pro rata share of the $23 Million as it is collected. The source of these funds is 1,500 public warrant (stock option) holders who pay cash to indirectly own a portion of the cannabis portfolio through Mentor. As the portfolio grows, other things being equal, share value increases and more funds may be collected. Warrant holders get approximately a 12.5% discount to buy Mentor Capital freely trading shares. To ensure complete funding, if the original warrant holder does not exercise timely, any other company shareholder may be designated to redeem and exercise the unused warrants. Several hundred shareholders have requested to be able to do so. Because the public can see what is in the cannabis portfolio before they invest, they seem more willing to pay a higher price which is passed on to the portfolio companies. It is expected that many cannabis companies will need funds for growth and acquisitions as the market encounters greater acceptance. Founders that wish to receive a large amount of long-term, non-control funding should contact the company directly to initiate that discussion well in advance of their need by calling (760)788-4700.