Mentor Capital Strategic Advantage



Mentor Capital, Inc. (MNTR), a public operating company, has committed the cash proceeds from its already authorized $23 Million capital structure toward the cannabis market. The company believes this will represent a large new influx of investment dollars into the cannabis market which in 2014 raised approximately $104 Million for major transactions, overall. In the emerging (only 3-5% developed) and highly fragmented legal cannabis market, well funded companies are expected to have an advantage. If the early $1.4 Billion legal market consolidates in the normal fashion and it absorbs the $50 Billion illegal market (assuming a lift on the federal prohibition) very significant organic and acquisition growth may occur in well funded companies that are first to enter the market. Like any public company, Mentor Capital, Inc. may also issue additional shares as acquisition currency to supplement its cash allocation plans. Unlike other public cannabis companies, this CEO, who has sold no company shares in thirteen years, has placed his personal shares with an attorney in a lock box escrow to further distance Mentor Capital, Inc. from any market manipulation (aka: “pump and dump”) events that may have occurred elsewhere in the public cannabis market. Mentor Capital has a serious and purely business focus. The company quality strategic approach is to: (i) get in early, (ii) fund and bring liquidity to market leaders, (iii) enable the portfolio companies to capture explosive growth with public market acquisition financing, and (iv) develop long-term value for Mentor Capital shareholders and the shareholding management team.