SEC Filings & Disclosures

SEC Filings

Filing TypeDate Filed SEC EDGAR Link
SEC Form 8-KSeptember 26,
SEC Form 10-QAugust 14,
SEC Form 10-QMay 15,
SEC Form DMay 10,
SEC Form 8-KApril 14,
SEC Form DMarch 29,
SEC Form 10-KMarch 28,
SEC Form 8-KMarch 27,
SEC Form DJanuary 5,
SEC Form 10-QAugust 11,
SEC Form 10-QMay 16,
SEC Form 10-KMarch 25,
SEC Form 10-QNovember 12,
SEC Form 8-KSeptember 17,
SEC Form 10-QAugust 13,
SEC Form DEF 14CJuly 10,
SEC Form PRER14CJune 26,
SEC Form PRE 14CJune 23,
SEC Form 10-QMay 13,
SEC Form 8-KApril 10,
SEC Form 10-K/AApril 2,
SEC Form 10-KMarch 31,
SEC Form 10-12G/AFebruary 11,
SEC Form 10-12G/AJanuary 21,
SEC Form 10-12G/ADecember 22,
SEC 8-K Current ReportDecember 4,
Initial SEC Form 10-12GNovember 19,

Other Disclosures

Disclosure Notes Date Published Link
Blanket Opinion Letter Covers 1145 Exemption on General Free Selling of Shares and Warrants Without Registration October 31, 2016 View PDF
15(C ) 2-11 Mentor Capital Inc. Disclosure Statement Pursuant To Rule 15(c) 2-11 June 30, 2014 View PDF
Current Info Confirmation Attorney Letter Affirming that Current Information is Provided February 28, 2014 View PDF
Historic Registration/Section 1145 Document Tradability, Warrant Redemptions, Non-Dilution of Warrants on Reverse Split, Compensation January 11, 2000 View PDF