Shareholders and Warrant Holders

Subject: Eighteen Cannabis Business CEO’s Negotiating to Join MNTR for Funds

Dear Friends & Fellow Owners,

MEDICAL EMPHASIS: Each week I brace to hear a new voice asking how to bear their cancer death. Cannabis helps them keep up their strength to fight back by increasing appetite, reducing nausea, calming anxiety and muting pain. I wasn’t for this before, but I am now.

The TIME is NOW: On August 29, 2013, the Department of Justice, in the Cole Memo, wrote that they would not pursue businesses that followed state laws (22 have legalized), do not sell around children and do not deal with criminal elements. That was the industry tipping point.

MNTR ACTS FIRST & LOCKS UP BEST COMPANIES: Since August 29, 2013, MNTR has met with fifty-one (51) Cannabis related companies and entered into negotiations with what we think are the top eighteen (18) CEO’s for funding. These companies are variously described in writing by their fellow CEO’s as “cream of the crop,” “the best,” “Cannabis Cup awards,” ”pioneers,” “very much on to something” and “the best… I have ever seen.” While not every one of the CEO’s in negotiations will finally join what we refer to as Leading Cannabis Brands for funding, at this point, the offers are generally just what management has verbally agreed to.

PROJECTED 64% ANNUAL MARKET GROWTH: The legal Marijuana market is projected to grow by 64% next year. The current legal Cannabis market is reported at $1.4 Billion and the black market is at $50 Billion. If all became legal, like alcohol has, some see a 3,500% market increase.

FUNDING MECHANISM: MNTR looks to place a mix of $23 Million (at cost) in Cannabis assets (10% to 60% MNTR ownership) into its portfolio. MNTR is currently just oversubscribed on an offer basis. MNTR shareholders hold $23 Million in freely tradable warrants to exercise and buy shares that are immediately freely trading. If the public market value of the assets is greater than the private market value the step-up may attract warrant holders to exercise and buy shares at the calculated discount. The Leading Cannabis Brand portfolio members split the proceeds pro rata to their price.

ALL BUSINESS: I am personally viewed as the straight-laced, non-using, serious, grey-haired, business guy, always in a suit. Heck, I’m a Republican. Regardless of past stigma, shareholders may get a great return here and a lot of people with cancer, seizures, MS and chronic pain will be helped.


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