Mentor Capital Adds Stansfield to Board Supporting Spinoffs \\ CPA to Prepare New Marijuana Subsidiaries for Public Company Life

SAN DIEGO, Mentor Capital, Inc. (OTCQB: MNTR) announced it has appointed Ms. Lori Stansfield, CPA to its Board of Directors effective immediately.  Ms. Stansfield will now also add the corporate officer title of Treasurer to her operating role as company CFO.  “In addition to comprehensive CFO responsibilities, one strategic function of Mentor Capital that Ms. Stansfield will focus on is to ready future portfolio companies to be spun off as standalone public companies,” says Mentor Capital CEO, Chet Billingsley.  “Central to Mentor’s public incubator role is ensuring cannabis companies we work with have pristine GAAP and SEC compliant financial statements that they will need to become public themselves. As a former Director of Audit Services, Ms Stansfield is eminently qualified to oversee this process and her authority is strengthened as a director and corporate officer. ”

Ms. Stansfield will be replacing long-time director, businessman and major shareholder, Mr. James Blazeck, on the board as Mr. Blazeck prepares for extended international work incompatible with normal board communications.

About Mentor Capital:  The Company seeks to take significant positions in medical marijuana and cannabis companies to provide public market liquidity for founders, protection for investors and to incubate private cannabis companies that have the potential to be spun off as stand-alone public companies. Additional important information for investors is presented at: .

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