Mentor Capital has $1.2 Million Christmas Cash to Close 2016 \\ Debt-free Cannabis M&A Leader Counts Bountiful Blessings in Year-end Letter to Shareholders

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SAN DIEGO, Mentor Capital, Inc. (OTCQB: MNTR) announced in a year-end letter to shareholders that the corporation would be closing the year with $1,200,000 cash on hand and zero debt in the parent company except for long-dormant non-interest bearing IOU’s to the founder, CEO, Chet Billingsley. Mr. Billingsley quantifies the opportunity for the new year, “Colorado cannabis sales will be an impressive $1.0 Billion in 2016, but the population of California, where recreational use was approved by voters, is seven times as large. We are based in California and are already working with four institutional investors to extend Mentor’s financial resources to support major marijuana companies getting ready to expand within the state, and elsewhere.”

In addition to Mentor’s existing cash holdings, the company is now moving toward confirming its award as a judgement and aggressively collecting approximately $1,500,000 from its July 19, 2016 legal award granted against Bhang Corporation. Mentor paid $1,500,000 to Bhang and owners in 2014 and the arbitration panel concluded in its award that, “Bhang breached the Agreement by failing to deliver the [Bhang] shares,” Mentor’s request for “the recession of the Agreement is granted” and “Bhang is not entitled to any damages.”

Mentor’s most recent venture is in Puerto Rico and includes a 125 acre farming facility under five-year lease. The Puerto Rican opportunity was discussed by Mentor’s CEO and briefly aired on HBO – Vice on December 6, 2016. Mentor is providing cannabis sector advisory to Green Vision Systems, Corp. founded by the public company Stereo Vision Entertainment, Inc. and Puerto Rican interests. Upon the effectiveness of a registration with the SEC, Mentor Capital has earlier announced it plans to dividend its 500,000 Green Vision shares to Mentor’s 4,000 shareholders to allow them to directly participate in ownership of the Puerto Rican cannabis business in addition to their Mentor holdings.

By way of forecast for the new year, Billingsley notes, “When we started in the medical marijuana market in 2013, total USA legal sales were $1.3 billion, growing annually to $3.4 billion, $5.0 billion and now projected to $7.2 billion for 2016 and to $21.8 billion by the end of 2020. This approximately 64% annualized market growth looks to make 2017 an exciting year for all involved in the cannabis industry.”

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